Monday, August 19, 2013

Dekalb Firefighters Local 1236 AFFI Warrior Program


In May of 2009 the Chicago Fire Fighters Union, Local 2, began a program to help our wounded American soldiers who were returning home with severe disabilities and amputations. The program was well received by not only the Chicago FIRE/EMS and families but by many locals of the Associated Firefighters of Illinois (AFFI). We quickly took notice that minimal funds were being re...turned to our communities in Illinois. In 2010 we began to use some of the funds to help purchase new vehicles for our locally wounded veterans. It was a great feeling to see the hard work of our members turn into new cars for our locally wounded veterans. Although we could never repay a soldier for the sacrifices they made, the joy in the face of a soldier who paid so high a price was invaluable. After realizing that 100% of the profits were going to buy cars for the wounded and not paying large salaries made our supporters very happy. Therefore, in March of 2012 the AFFI Warrior Program was born. Currently the AFFI Warrior Program has given away three new cars to three severely wounded heroes.

The DeKalb Fire Department has begun a fund raising campaign for the AFFI Warrior Program. The DeKalb Firefighters Union, Local 1236, has come up with a custom T-shirt to show our support of local wounded veterans. In order to purchase a vehicle to give away to a local wounded veteran, we need to raise $30,000. That’s right- our goal is to give away a vehicle to a local wounded veteran. This can be achieved by a combination of shirt sales and monetary donations. We are currently selling custom T-shirts for $15.00. You can be confident that 100% of all profits earned for the AFFI Warrior Program by the DeKalb Fire Department will go directly to helping a local wounded veteran. All contributions are tax deductible.

We couldn’t be more confident that through the collaborative efforts of our organization, our local citizens, and our area businesses, this goal can be accomplished. Thank you for considering the AFFI Warrior Program and for helping us give back to those who have sacrificed for us.

Follow the directions below to Purchase a T-Shirt. We will be sending out orders 2-3 times per week. Thank you for your support.

Follow the directions below to place an order for local pick up. Orders can be picked up at DeKalb Fire Department Station One. 700 Pine St. DeKalb, IL 60115. A small fee will be charged to the order to make up for Paypal fees.

Follow the link below to make a donation to the Warrior Project.

Come join us as AFFI Warrior Program/DeKalb Firefighters Local 1236 and Sycamore Firefighters Local 3046 gives away a car to a wounded veteran. We are selling tickets to raise money for the AFFI Warrior Program. The price is $30 which includes your ticket to the game, admittance to the tailgate, and a custom AFFI Warrior Program Shirt.
Northern Illinois University vs. Ball State Cardinals Wednesday, November 13th at 7pm Tailgating at DeKalb Firefighters Local 1236 tent starts 2pm!
Lets pack Huskie Stadium! We will be giving a car to a wounded veteran from the proceeds of our AFFI Wounded Warrior shirt sales. Come out and support someone who gave so much for his/her country while cheering on the Huskies to victory! For more information, go to our facebook page DeKalb Firefighters Local 1236 AFFI Warrior Program ***and*** For tickets, contact Firefighter Patrick Eriksen at 630-308-2551 or Noah Millard at 815-703-5782 by November 1st.